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AG Hair Hard Gel

AG Hair Hard Gel

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AG Hair Hard Gel

  • Product Details

Ideal for hard to manage hair, this extra-firm gel provides control, humidity resistance and all-day-stay-in-place hold. Hard Jel is alcohol-free and guaranteed not to build up or flake.

  • How To Use

Work a small amount through damp hair. Slick back for a clean look and extra-firm hold.

  • Key Benefits

Alcohol-free – formulated in a natural, soothing herbal base that won’t dry out hair.

PVP/VA copolymers – provide long-lasting hold, shine and superior humidity resistance, yet rinse effortlessly from the hair without leaving residue or buildup.

Silk protein – add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.

Panthenol – thickens the hair shaft.

Paraben Free

Salt Free

Gluten Free

Cruelty Free